The goal of the “Passi a Sud Est” team is to spread a better knowledge of the territory with the possibility to contextualize in the national heritage and history of man, the artistic experiences, history and natural heritage of Salento.

You will live 4 different itineraries under 6 thematic levels:

*Archeology and classical culture

*Archeology and Medieval Architecture

*Civil art and architecture, palaces and gardens

*Art and religious architecture

*Military architecture, towers and castles

*Poets and thinkers

Itinerary “The County of Alessano”

  • Tiggiano:

The Palace of “Serafini Sauli” – The Gardens

Naturalistic excursion “The salt roads”

  • Macurano:

Excursion from the rock village to “San Dana”

  • Alessano:

The ex-Cathedral of “SS. Salvatore”: Sellitto’s canvas.

Historical center

Renaissance palace of “Donato Legari”

Renaissance palace of “Sangiovanni”

Ducal Palace “Orsini del Balzo”

Monastery of “PP. Cappuccini”: canvas of “Fra Angelo” from Copertino

Church of San Giuseppe: Martinelli’s altars.

Square of “S. Maria del Foggiaro”

  • Montesardo:

Visit to the Castle

Visit to the most important Church

  • San Dana:

Crypt of Sant’Apollonia

  • Gagliano:

The House of Vincenzo Ciardo

Visit to the most important Church

Naturalistic excursion “Canalone del Ciolo”

  • Santa Maria di Leuca:

Ecletic villas

The lighthouse

Basilica “De Finibus Terrae”

“Punta Meliso”

“Punta Ristola” – The Caves

  • Salignano:

Visit to the Tower of Salignano